Long Term storage life of Media?

what IS the expected life of media if kept in say a disc wallet in a dry spot in darkness etc etc…

Would there be any difference between cheap media and average media (who can afford to build a library out of top of the line stuff?).

No use backing up to the cheap stuff only to find in a year it wont be readable…

anyone have any opinion on this ?




dont forget…“YOU WANT A BACKUP COPY YOU BUY ANOTHER ONE” …i am just going down to the high street to get mine now…

you get what you pay for. I got some cheap crappy media that didn’t even last 6 months, however my taiyo yudens will last over 100 years in normal conditions.

For stuff i want to keep, i use Premium media (TY,Hitachi-Maxell,MCC,etc) , basically Japanese developed media. The only decent Non-Japanese media company (Kodak) got out of the business a while ago.

         For less important stuff, decent media like Ritek seems ok.

My experiences with other makes of media havn’t been very good & in general they will fail sooner rather than later, unless your one of the lucky ones, but why take that risk?

Personally don’t think the projected media life-times are attainable for the average user as who can afford a climate-controlled media storage vault?

It’s probably safer to just move your data every so often onto newer storage media, if it’s important.

If you want them to last, don’t use a disc wallet. Use only jewel cases or spindles for long term storage.

@ rdgrimes

is that because of acid etc in the vinyl? what if you used an acid free tissue to wrap them in , then into a wallet. The reason i ask is i am trying to think of a way to transport about 1500 discs to a remote location and i do mean remote…ie, “Lake Tanganyika in winter”. No way i can move them all in jewel cases or spindles because of bulk. As well Mr customs would be VERY interested in seeing me walk through the arrival hall with 1500 jewel cased DVD’s :cop: the wallet(s) would pass muster though i feel.

But no use to get them there only to have them die on me and be of no use…

need to think more on this one.


o.k so bulkpaq orange wont last ?..hmmm what is your feeling on MCC Vs TY or MCC vs Ritek and lastly Ritek Vs prodic S03 ?

thanks for your opinions

best Regards


oh shucks i forgot , i am not backing up anymore , i am going to buy another one…

I wouldn’t store or transport discs in any sort of sleeve, but I’m paranoid.
Actually, spindles will take up far less space than wallets, and will not cause the abrasion and chemical problems that wallets are prone to.