Long Term Media Storage, Paper Sleeves Inside Plasitc Toolboxes... that stink... bad

I am looking for a solution for storing 2000 DVD-Rs. I would like to keep them in paper sleeves and put them in something. I have 10 of these toolboxes perfecly sized for storing media in sleeves inside them, however there is a bit of a problem. They STINK, REALLY BAD. Its some kinda of plastic smell, I guess, these are new toolboxes, nothing was stored in them.

Somewhere on the forum I read (it was some kind of media storage method comparison thing, i cant find it again :a ) that its not good to store media in some plastic jewel cases as they may emit pasticides and lower the pH thus damaging the disc slowly. I am wondering if that pretty bad smell is the plasticides that other topic was talking about and if there is a way to get rid of this accursed smell. I tried keeping them open and letting them get some fresh air outside, and the smell went away, but when i brought them back inside, closed them, and waited a bit, the smell was back. Maybe i would wash them with soap? I really have no clue.

I would really like to be able to use these cases, they would be PERFECT (and cheap, 2 bucks a case) things to store media in with a capacity of ~170.

If they are 100% plastic, I don’t see why washing them in a neutral dishwashing soap solution would hurt. Let them air dry upside down in the open position and don’t use much soap. Worth a go.

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I prefer use jewel boxes, because sleeves can scratch disc when you insert it in the sleeve. Anyway, store discs away from light, if is possible.

Honestly, I think no one can give you a definitive answer to that question. And opinions sadly will only be opinions.

How on earth could we know which chemicals were used in the manufacturing of these plastic boxes???

As to get rid of the smell, ouch! Think of brand new car, and the time it takes for the smell to disappear, though cars are generally ventilated… :bigsmile:

Unless you have to move these medias around, why not simply store them in stackable open-top wooden boxes? Just an idea…

To get rid of the smell sprinkle in some bicarb of soda and close, store that way for a while and the smell will go.

I prefer those sleeves with the cloth type middle and plastic outer where you can get 2 discs in.

“To get rid of the smell sprinkle in some bicarb of soda and close, store that way for a while and the smell will go.”

Have you actually tried this yourself, or have you just read it in some magazine? Because personnaly I’ve tried the “bicarbonate trick” several years ago for small plastic boxes and it was a total flop. :frowning: - if you succeeded, how long did it take? “store that way for a while” :confused:

I would wash them out with some bleach water (very little bleach,) rinse well, let them airdry…Then wash them one more time with dishsoap and water, rinse well, airdry…Then, I would wipe them out one last time with a dry cloth, put a couple of silca gel packs in each box, put your discs in the paper sleeves, and store them in the boxes. :iagree:

Wal_Mart has SteriLite “Show Offs” in the housewares section. they are clear plastic totes with lids for storing CD’s… They cost under $2.00 each. I use them in conjunction with paper sleeves. They hold about 100 DVD’s… Pic here: http://forums.afterdawn.com/thread_view.cfm/207868 last post, page one.

Jewel Cases are not an option if you need to store about 2000 discs :wink: It would cost an arm and a leg and would take up so much room XD. Sleeves, especially paper sleeves, do not scratch the disc if you insert it by squeezing the ends together so that the data side of the disc does not come in contact with the wall of the sleeve while inserting. Once inserted, if the disc does not move, turn, etc. while inside the sleeve, no scratching will occur. All you have to do is be careful ;). Of course, anything is better then storing them in 100 stack spindles like i’m doing right now :Z. Every time I need to pull a disc from the middle of that spindle I can just imagine how much damage they are taking :Z.

That might be a good idea too, do you happen to have a link for them, or how they look like, or where i can get them? (I hope they aren’t expensive :sad: )

That sonds like the best solution so far, I’ll probably also try the “bicarbonate trick” too XD. The silca gel packs are an excellent suggestion, would never have tought of that myself XD, keeping moisture out is very important for storing media, thanks for the idea :D.

Cool :smiley: One question tho, are they stackable (as in designed to be stacked without caving in)? That may be the best alternative I have if I can’t get the stink to go away. Hopefully those won’t have the horrible smell XD (probably better plastic). Another great suggestion :smiley:

Thanks for the suggestions everyone :smiley: of course, if there are more, keep em coming XD

Yes, the “Show Off’s” are stackable