Long Term Damage?

I have burned backup copies of every movie I didn’t want to get damaged and only have played those in my dvd player.

Is there any type of long term effect on your dvd player from playing burned backup disks? Because it seems that I have been three three god dang dvd players since I started doing it.

Maybe I need to stop being cheap and get a quality dvd play or is there a long term effect?

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I was reading the front page, that sucks about dvd fab/decrypter . The b*****ds need to learn that no matter what they do people are going to find away around it. I pay $20 bucks for a damn dvd and the software that allows me to make a backup so my kid don’t ruin the original should be allowed to continue but its a pointless battle and I respect that guys decision to just let it go instead of fighting it.

If you use good quality discs then there shouldn’t be a problem with your DVD player’s life. Cheap DVD players usually turn out to be better at playing a wider range of disc types and video formats than expensive ones, so it’s swings and roundabouts really.

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To reply to your question, there is to my knowledge no way to damage your player by playing recordable DVD/CD media rather than pressed CD/DVD media.

I’d rather think that just as you mention it, it would be time for you to buy a decent DVD player, cheap ones are likely to fail more frequently.

Two “best price” (< $100) players I could recommend are the Philips 5960 and the Sony NS-75H. The Philips is great for image quality and compatibility with discs, but has an awful remote control. The Sony has better overall usability, but doesn’t have such a good video performance as the Philips (though it’s still over average for this price range).

All modern DVD players are designed to play recordable discs. My
five year old Cyberhome DVD player is still going strong after
playing hundreds of DVD+/-R discs. I also have a 5 YO PS2
which plays mostly DVD+R backups without any problems.

The short answer to your question is No.

As for any long-term effect, I think that recordable discs have
a lower reflectivity than pressed DVDs so it probably takes more
laser power to read them. I suppose it is theoretically possible that
the life of the laser and associated components could be less if
you play a lot of recordable discs. I don’t believe that there is
any significant effect.

All right then … Its off to find a medium quality dvd player.

Thanks for all the input, as I said before I been using burned disks for a while and I wasn’t sure if it was the dvd player or the disks killing the dvd players. I only watch movies, we don’t have cable where i’m at so the dvd player def got a lot of use out of them.

I’m not going to ask how to copy a game but what the heck kind of system did microsoft use for xbox and xbox 360 … god help us all if they make dvds like that.

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