Long Term CD Storage Question

Hi People,

I got a question about how to store my ever growing cd collection. So far, I’ve been using jewel cases. Stacks and stacks of jewel cases. Now, I want to protect and preserve my collection, but space (and cost) is becoming a problem.

So I’m wondering about those wax coated paper cd sleaves, the ones that come 50 for a few dollars? Well, they sound good, but could the wax coating start to act on the chemical coating of the cd after a few years and damage them?

Been looking on the web for hours to try to dig up something on this, but nada. Does anyone here know anything?


:smiley: Been using the waxed cd sleave, all be it in a case that contains 48-50 bound together, and have have no problems at all.

Hope this helps.


if you can buy, borrow or lift from someone… why not try spindles?

work just great provided you do not have to retrieve discs very often (otherwise it gets irritating).

works fine and will not damage discs if you handle them decently.

hope this may be of help…

well when you do have to retrieve them often like i do, its best to keep them in some kind of order. Ive got about 10 spindles filled to the max and all in no order except each spindle can be a different category.

Takes a while to find what you’re looking for.

As cocobongo772002 said, spindles are a great way to archive cds.

I recognise this problem… I’ve got tons of Linux distributions (counting up to about 7 cd’s a distribution!) lying around… as well my entire music collection ripped to MP3 (I did that once on my P1 when I still had tons of time) etc etc…

Nowadays I stack cd’s up in a “smart” way:
-all the stuff I haven’t used for a year and probably won’t use again (ever) is on spindles
-all my original software (most came in paper sleeves) is in slimline cases
-all my computer-media stuff (movies etc) is in plastic sleeves
-all my standalone-media (cdda, dvd) is in its original casing…

That’s the only way to stack up all my discs… I spent way to much money on these round things in the past… that’s for sure!

i have a great suggestion… copy your data onto dvd’s. that way you would have less disks… :bigsmile:

I don’t know how much money you’re willing to spend but this item might help you out:

CD Carousel