Long signatures are annoying!

Longer than mine is all I can say. :slight_smile:

Honestly, since there’s no standard, it’s difficult to define what a long signature is here. Perhaps vBulletin should give an option to have more than one signature for each account. Like a 56K modem user being able to choose “low-bandwidth” profile and signature option on the control panel and a 100Mbps fiber-LAN user like me could choose a “max-bandwidth” option. I don’t mind if there are lots of 19201080 WMV video in “embed src” tags right on the signatures that are put there for auto-run. Actually, such things have been quite common in South Korea since the mass-availability of MB/s home internet though most times it’s low-resolution video at 640480 max and just common MP3 of 128~192Kbps. Sometimes there are people who make multiple video auto-running in a single post. Sometimes there are even people who upload literally tens of 2MB jpg image files in a single post (like me.)

That’s one reason I don’t surf South Korean forums … then of course, there’s the whole language barrier thing :wink:

It’s possible to fit a lot of content into a sig without making it too long. Expand horizontally, not vertically… carefully choose colors/boldness/spacing/delimiters to make the more tightly-packed text more easily parsed by the eye… and use small font sizes. :bigsmile:

A while back, I kept a list of the drives that I have in my sig (I’ve since removed it), but it took up only one small line. :slight_smile:

I edited my sig.
Now if I post only two lines it will be the same height with my name, avatar etc.

Like just then? :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. :iagree:

What’s more annoying than long signatures is when… … …

People divide their posts using underscores…

Like this…

“I used to think I was indecisive, but now I’m not so sure.” (from a random QotD)

Or this. :wink: Thus creating what looks like signatures within the post. Often throws me off.

I spent a great deal of time trying to :

Make my Signature as small as possible
Make it as informative as possible
Make it as personal as possible

And now I have changed it even more … :rolleyes:

So this is funny - what will You get a laugh about on wednesday ?
How about my cats postponed* operation till tomorrow , my birthday ? :sad:

(To bcn 246 : *=The vet had an emergencycall today)



Deleting Long signatures:

Nothing personal guy but I like my sig. Il only change it if a mod/admin asks me to.


We can arrange that. :wink:

Maybe change the size of the letters??

Hows that?


That sux, but I guess if your animal was in a emergency then you would expect a vet to drop a less urgent appointment.

What matters is your cat isnt in pain.

So If I ask you to rearrange your post to take up less lines…you would? :wink:

That better Tax?


Alot better IMO :iagree:

Did I ask you to do that? :wink:

But this is better, yes. :cool:

well my Mum always said; “Do things before you are asked”. So I thort what the heck :stuck_out_tongue: