Long signatures are annoying!

Or not?

Very annoying :smiley:


Like mine :bigsmile: :wink:

Have you been to a forum full of members using signatures of big pictures? :slight_smile:

Ow yes. Even with signatures of synchronized winamp shoutcast scripts… Who freaking cares what they’re listening :slight_smile:

Isn’t there an option to not show signature in the User CP?

Gil T why are you now a “Registered User”?

Ben :slight_smile:

very annoying
Particularly that people who put a huge hardware list in their signature…
(i like gil t pleasure signature :slight_smile: )

Hey! What in tarnation is going on here?

Thanks, Cerberus!

I like to see hardware specs or their dvd hardwares.
I dont like if I can’t see them! like theflyingduckman’s:

Signexplanation :
[li]=Perfect , in my eyes ~ [#]=Perfect , but considering better ~ [%]=Great , yet going for better ~ [¤]=Great , I’ll let it be …[/li]“Shared burners” : KillerCat (Plextor 712UF) [#] ~ Premium-U [li] ~ PX 241040TU [¤] (& Samsung SFD-321U :bigsmile: )[/li]1st PC : P4 2.4 C 800 [#] ~ ASUS P4C800E-deLuxe
[li] ~WD Raptor 75GB/8MB + Maxtor 160 GB/8MB + 300GB/16MB (all SATA) [/li][li] ~ 2GB Corsair TWINX1024-XLPT DDR 3200 (2-2-2-5) [/li][li] ~ GeForce FX 5900XT [#] ~ ASUS DVD-616E (100 ATA) [/li][li] ~ M-audio Delta 1010 outtake (8 I/O) [/li][li] ~ Antec TruePower 380 [#] ~ SubZero4G CPUcooling [/li]“Shared” DV-camera Panasonic NV-MX500 (3CCD) [#] ~ Shared AV-Unit Canopus ADVC-100
[li] ~ Shared Canon scanner LideScan 80 [%] & printer Pixma iP 5000 [/li]2nd PC : P4 2.4 B 533 [¤] ~ Asus P4PE [¤] ~ Maxtor 160 GB/8MB (SATA)
[li] ~ 1 GB Corsair DDR3200LL [/li][li] ~ 8xTi4200 [¤]~ LG-GSA-4040B [¤][/li]Both running XP Pro SP 67 :bigsmile:
3rd PC : 2GHzAMD/SOLTEK/Maxtor80GB/1GB PC-133/4xTi4200/PX-R820Ti [¤]
4rd PC : Acer Portable AMD XP-M 2400 + 512 MB DDR2700 …
5th PC : No , I’m gonna stop braggging now !!! :Z :Z :Z :Z :Z

:frowning: Dr. Steinberg :…:rolleyes: Dr. Hackenbush :
I believe You’re a quack !..What did You call me ?!

:a Dr. Steinberg :…:bigsmile: Dr. Hackenbush :
Quack , quack , quack !..Are You gonna stick around or fly south for the winter ?

i agree with you, after all ,this is an cd/dvd forum :slight_smile:

i get caught up in reading the sigs and forget the thread topic…however…Gil T…i have to say yours is the best i’ve seen so far :wink:

I dislike long signatures…especially in certain threads where people’s replies are only a fraction of their signatures. In the staff forum people are turning them off (or at least, I suggested to do so and some even remember to do so :wink: ).

However, some signatures are necessary…I wish my signature was not necessary, but time has proven it is…unfortunately.

tell me if my sig is too long/annoying. it saves me the time of having to fill ppl in on what my setups are when troubleshooting.

if it’s deemed to long/annoying, i will remove it.

Define “long”? Would you guys class mine as long? :smiley:


u have so many empty lines :a
mine is only one line long and thats my name :slight_smile:
i mean u don’t need all that stuff their surly :iagree:

Long signatures are a waste of space, especially in nonsense threads where the poster posts a single word :wink:

How short would the longest thread be, if we turned off signatures? :wink:

WinXP Pro (SP2)
Nero (
Alcohol 120% (1.9.2 Build 1705)
CloneCD (
BlindWrite (
BWA Builder 5
A-Ray Scanner (
Somewhat uneccessary even when troubleshooting. I used to have my rig as my sig…etc etc, but as its now somewhat ancient I dont bother:) Sigs are good when they have useful links or funny stuff. (Gil T Pleasure)

I shortened my signature a little.

I prefer high-quality humans than high-quality optical storage products. No PM and no email unless it’s something to be said only privately. Don’t abuse public forums and the willingness to help. Contribute something instead.

Overcome yourself.

LG GSA-5163D 16x P-CAV

Mini ODD firmware and utility page

If I increase the size of the part of “No PM and no email…” I do receive a lot less useless PM’s that shouldn’t have been sent to my PM box.

I own a lot of hardware but right now I’m not much helped by many of them. Only exception’s GSA-5163D. If I get a Blu-ray recorder, it might change though.