Long shot but here goes



I’m trying to email a picture to my mobile phone so I can show someone it tomorrow. I know my phone is set up correct to except emails as I email my screen savers to my computer and send from computer to phone no problems. But when I try and send the photo my phone operator says its to large. The photo in question was taken with my digital camera and is in jpeg format. What format do I need to convert it to and what software can I use to do it.


I don’t think the issue is format as you said the error message is that the file is too large. How large is the jpeg file and can you find out how large a file size your phone will accept (manual or on-line help)?


Nice little download from Microsoft called Resize Picture…get it here

Right-click any photo and check the smallest option,should be fine!

By the way, why not transfer the image to your phone via USB cable or blue-tooth? …maybe faster, and certainly doesn´t cost anthing…


Good Find - I forgot about that one & it’s part of PowerToys for XP.



Would love to be able to transfer photos via USB cable but I have just got the phone LG U830 and I cant connect to the computer with it. The phone software is telling me I am connected to one USB port say number 6 but the computer is telling me I am connected to number 4. I recently had to wipe the computer and reinstall the drivers since then all my USB connections are all over the place. My printer is connected to number 3 port but after I turn the computer of or restart it the printer will be connected to another port say number 5.

As for using blue-tooth I wouldn’t have a clue how to turn it on the computer. Would I need any other software or anything.