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How does CloneDVD2 do to long movies when it compresses, like Alexander, Troy, Lord Of The Rings, Scarface, Does Kinda Long Movies? Will it pixelate? will affect the quality in the original, will it still have great quality? Cause I tried Alexander and the quality didn’t look quite normal and it was movie only, the compression went 60% when I took all the audio languages except for the english

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Video quality of compressed DVD titles is in the eyes of the viewer.

This topic has been discussed at great length in many Forum postings. Suggest using the Forum search feature and do a little research on the topic.

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Anytime you have to compress a movie, you will loose some quality to the picture. The more you need to compress, the worse the picture will get.

This is the sacrafice that one makes when compressing a movie that was on a dual layer disc.

No program can compress something dual layer onto a single layer DVD without some loss of quality. If someone knows of such a program, please let me know! :slight_smile:

As bjkg the quality of a movie when compressed is a very subjective thing and almost everyone has their own opinion on the matter - it would also depend on what you were using to view the backup - a 21inch TV might look fine, a 52inch HD tv may look crappy. Personally I would just split it into 2 discs - media is cheap enough. Your other option is to go down the road of CCE encoding - which takes a huge amount of time.

Basically do a search on this forum and and read other peoples suggestions, then try them for your self - for CCE encoding you can get good guides at http://www.doom9.org/

I did Alexander, then watched it on my 53" Mitsubishi. It looks very good to me. I would compare it to the SP mode in a DVD recorder. I have no complaints with long movies and or episode DVDs like The Sopranos.

As others have said, burned DVD’s quality is in the eye of the beholder as well as your viewing equipment. You say the quality didn’t look quite normal at 60 %. Why not reburn the movie using two disks and see if you approve of it then. You will be the final judge what is acceptable to your eyes, no forum posts can tell you what’s best.

I have a 50 " Sony LCD and have viewed Lord Of the Rings series, Alexander and Troy. To me as much as they were compressed they sure look good to me. As far as a smaller screen not showing as many imperfections, my 32" Hitachi in the bedroom is nowhere as nice as the 50" Sony, however, it is an older TV.

So What Program Do You Guys Recommend For Me To Split The Movie?

CloneDVD2 can do it no problem!

I backed-up both Troy and Alexander to DL and regular DVDs. Watched on a 50" screen the difference was noticeable but not too bad on the regular single layer disc. On very detailed scenes, like huge marching armies, or text, there is some degradation but I personally didn’t find it too bad and I was looking at it to make comparisons. I don’t know if it’s worth 10x the price for DL media, because it wasn’t that much better and for less that a buck you can put it on 2 discs. You will have to decide for youself.

okay then, then how do you split with CloneDVD2?

If you open CloneDVD2 and click on the help button, you can find the following:-

Splitting: If you want to copy the whole DVD or you want to copy a movie with extra length, it is advisable to split it over two DVD media. First of all you have to select “preserve menus” for keeping the overview. Via the “chapter cutting” function you can split the main movie in two parts while selecting for example the chapters 1-9 for the first DVD media. Select now further titles like “Special Features” and start the copying process for the first DVD media. When the copying process has finished, please click on the “Back” button until you reach the window with the title selection. Please click with the right mouse button into the title selection dialogue: You can invert your selection for the first DVD media, like in this example, it means that the chapters 10-16 of the main movie and the rest of the titles will be automatically selected

Is it true that DVDFab is like the best for splitting though?

No idea - never used DVDFab - just done a little experiment with splitting in CloneDVD2 (never done it before) - It was a bit fiddly first time, but after that I am flying - looked really easy to do a large film and split it over 2 discs, including all the extras too!! (with 100% quality)

yeah I think CloneDVD2 has one of the best transcoders

running a trial with Green Mile (3 hour long movie - longest one I own) - it doesn’t actually transcode as the split is giving me 100% quality - once it has finished both halves I will repost to see what it does at the split.

At the split, the 1st DVD returned to the start of the disc - as the start of disc 2, you got the menu again, and then just selected play to start off where the last chapter ended. I know some people want a nice little ‘insert disc 2’ graphic, but personally I could figure out when to changes disc - it was really easy to get it to do the second disc - just right click and tell it to invert for split and that is it.

what do you think is the best transcoder though?

Why don’t you try it with both CloneDVD2 and DVDFab, compare the results,
and you’ll have the answer to what works best on your system.

I find backup compression of almost any amount UN-preferred. I CAN discern the difference on my setup. I always split my movies over two disks. So my transcoder almost never has to engage. CloneDVD is TOPS for this!

Olli said he is working on the split interface to make it even easier. What I want from CloneDVD’s spit feature is that it automatically split the movie at exactly the original movie’s layer break, which is often NOT exactly at the end of a chapter. That will mean less juggling around of little title sets to make every thing fit. If the original fit 4.37 Gb on one layer and similar on the second layer then I can back that up exactly the same without thinking. As it is now, being forced to split exactly at a chapters end can cause minor problems fitting everthing on two disks … especially if its a special features type disk with one big “documentary” TS and a million other medium and small title sets.

And Olli also spoke of maybe adding abrown15’s “Insert Disk2” Graphic. I miss that little extra that DVDXCopy used to give me.

Buying a multi-disk DVD Changer-Player makes watching split backups really convenient. Store them in 2-disk jewel cases. Reasonably priced, dependable, brandname dual-layer media is probably a year or more in the future. They have us by the ****s now!