Long LiteOn leadin

is this fixable? seriously? my litey’s own but damn the 40sec to minute leading kills it. benq are visa versa with short leadin long lead out.



I only hear crickets. It’s a good 15 to 30 seconds too long. At least when burning with CD/DVD speed like I do. You’re not alone!

Yep, my 160 did it and both of my new 165 burners as well. Kind of annoying compared to my Benq’s.

This is a known problem with all Liteon drives, I noticed it with my 1673S and I still have it with my LH18A1P.:confused:

yeah that really sucks. if it weren’t for that they’d break the 5min barrier

I have the similar situation. My 165P6S(with MV9N) required 40sec+ to do a full lead-in. However, old 832S only had required 14secs. They were all for DVD+R burning.

Yep, all my LiteOns from the 1693S onwards had a long lead-in. But hey, as long as the burns are good…:wink:

You are 100% right, the most important thing is the finished product and its is very good with the Liteons.:iagree:

My LH18A1P (now@20x) is pretty consistent at a 42sec leadin also.

It’s the same as waiting for Plextor’s AutoStrategy to finish. :wink:

What is the sense in having a 20X drive if you are going to lose all the time you saved in the leadin. But as I said before, the end product is pretty good.

exactly if it weren’t for that leadin they’d break the 5minute barrier. hell i’m all about quality but if they can burn at 18-20x with the quality the same as 12x plus 2 minutes shorter then i’m all for it.

Thought I was the only one with that problem, I have a SHM-165S6S SATA and it does it for me too. Not really bothered like as it does very nice burns. :slight_smile:

Mine is actually taking almost an entire minute for Verbatim media but certainly the scans are good after the burn so I dont complain too much :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem. Any fix?

seriously look at the lg drives at 16x they hit 5:20 5:10.

at 18x they hit 5:00

imagine 20x they’ll hit 4:40?

seriously guys wind, karr worker? are ya doing anything to fix this? would anyone foreward this to them since they don’t reply to pms?

Sent an email to them yesterday about the problem. Waiting for a reply.

it’d be cooler if they could be READ at 20x. ownage

Wonder if someone will make a program that will force spin-up