Long Leadin

Has anyone run into this problem?

I am using nero 7 with win XP Pro SP2. I am also set for DMA in primary and secondary channels. I searched for a solution here and on Doom 9. I even used google all with no help.

I am using either a Benq 1640 or Nec 3550 and it can take up to 1 mi for the leadin to stop and the burn to begin.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



If I’m not wrong, leadin times are stored in firmware and are related to writing strategies. Why do you consider this a problem? Do you have some problems? Do you have bad results of burnings?

Since using Nero 7 the leadin times have gone from 15 to 30 sec (nero 6.6) to 30 to 70 sec. On occasion I get a burn failure but the disk is still empty and will burn on a second try.

My media is the same batch that I was using with nero 6.6
Ty t002 or Verbatim MCC 004

No changes were made other than Nero 6.6 to 7


I suggest you tor evert to nero 6; 7 is still immature