Long lead-out phase on 16X burns?

Anyone that is running Mad Dog 2.F8 firmware,
how long is your lead-out time?, specifically on a 16X burn?

I recently toasted a MCC004 at 16X (4483MB burn) in Nero 6.6 and saw a lead-out time of about 30 seconds. :frowning:

I dont have any MCC04, but MCC 02RG20 takes about 20 seconds, ProdiscR03 about 15 seconds, FUJIFILM03 :Z anything between 20 and 50 seconds. SONY 08D1 (burns @16X) 20 to 30 seconds.

EDIT : I found the 2.C8 firmware took even longer for most media.

geez, i just orderd the TY disks and flashed to the maddog 2F8 hope I dont regret it. :sad:

Thanks for the confirmation Dee,
OC-Freak suggested that leadout times might be lower on the official NEC stock firmware.
Have you also made such an observation?

To be truthful, it’s so long since i used an offical firmware, i can’t remember :o

I might flash back to 2.16 just to see :slight_smile:

It is by few secs… but thats I[/I] is no fun, heh he… :smiley:

Ok, well how about we get down to the numbers of it then?
Here’s what I’m getting:
Mad Dog 2.F8 firmware:

MCC004 full disc 16X burn 06:26
YUDEN000T02 full disc 16X burn 06:39

Please post your results for comparison. :slight_smile:

SONY 08D1 Firmware 2.77 (Liggy’s beta 8) 16x full disc

Can’t do this media at 16X with stock 2.16 firmware, will try 2.F8 next :slight_smile:

SONY 08D1 Maddog firmware 2.F8 16X full disc

The leadin time was faster with this burn
I’ll try some ProdiscR03 +R media later, lets see if Bitsetting takes longer for leadin/leadout :slight_smile:

Think i’ll do a K-Probe on these SONY discs as well.

Thanks again Dee-27,
Here is one of my YUDEN000T02 16X burns.


Really long times for a 16x burn… :eek:

I’ve just burned a 4480MB RICOHJPN R02 with my modified TDK 2.78 firmware @12x in 6:50 min. That is only 30 sec. more…
I thought the CAV method would save a lot more time…


That’s why I started this thread. :wink:
Hopefully more people will report their results.

Sorry this aint a 16X burn. but i don’t have any +R that will burn at 16X

Still Prodisc R03
Identical times on both firmwares
9:45 2.F8 (bitset)
9:45 2.16 (stock)

If ya wanna send me some of that T02 ‘Wes’ i’d be happy to test it :smiley:

I will start with some 12x burns on MCC-02RG20 8x rated (DVD-R) :smiley:

Herries 2.17; 6:37 link

cdrinfo 2C8_SE; 6:51

Note. Real life burns with movies, 4.34GB (40kB less then a “DataDisc”). Total time should be comparable with others, because there is a time for collecting files before burn, aso. :wink:

Wes, I lose with 11 seconds. :cool: Reloading “stock” 2.16 for a 16x burn…

Sorry folks, current media MCC02RG20 will only complete a burn at 12x:sad:
Same media and on media as above. [Media “made in Singapore”.]

Stock 2.16; 6:37 link

Interesting though if we compare with above post, my burntime on stock firmware and when on Herrie´s 2.17, is exactly the same; 6:37. Not shabby for a 12x burn… :cool:
Lead-out´s ~20sec on fw 2.16 and 2.17, 30+sec on 2C8_SE

Attached scan is from above burn when on firmware 2C8_SE.

Sometimes I’ve had a quick leadout (6;15), and others it will be arround 6:40. I’m running the 2c8se firmware which should have the same strategy. Still the difference is only less than 30 seconds and the burn is perfect. I think it slows the drive down to 2.4x for the leadout or something. When the leadout is quick it’s exactly the times I was getting with the beta 7. But the burns weren’t as good so I’ll stick with the 2c8se. I did have one glitch with the long leadout, it was taking forever to burn this disc. I was using dvd shrink so I couldn’t see the time. All of a sudden it spit out an error saying that the burnprocess failed in the lead out. This was a really full disc, but I just thought it was doing the long lead out thing. So I thought I made a coaster, ran the nero tests on it and it’s perfect! The transfer rate is a smooth curve to 16x and it scanned perfect. It plays in my dvd player too. I don’t mind as long as it doesn’t do that, but so far only once. I guess I’ll wait for a riplock and rpc1 firmware with the leadout fixed on this strategy.

2C8 has a different write strategy for YUDEN000T02s (click) than all other firmwares released so far, including Maddog 2F8 and Liggy’s Beta 8 firmware which is based on the NEC / IODATA 2.27.

I have somtimes lead out problem with my 2500A with 1.07B5, my drive made a cliking sound, stop at lead out and made a coaster.

Using fw2C8 TDB:

Yuden000T02 Rev00 (Plextor branded) @16x: 6:02 --> it actually achieved a top speed of 15.5x
Yuden000T02 Rev00 (Plextor branded) @12x: 7:14
TYG02 (Plextor Branded) @8x: 9:46
MCC02RG20 (Verbatim printable) @12x: 6:36
ProdiscS04 (Bulkpaq branded) @8x: 9:39, 9:42
TTG01 (TDK branded) @8x: 9:43
RICOHJPN R01 Rev02 (TDK branded) @8x: 9:54
FUJIFILM03 (Datawrite branded) @8x: 9:42

Although fw2C8 seems to spend ages on writing the lead in for a disc (about 34 seconds!) the overall times seem to agree with what other people (using different FWs) are reporting :confused: … I haven’t paid too much attention on the time spent to write the lead out, but I think is less than the time required to write the lead in (15 - 20 secs maybe?) …

You can find quite a few NEC3500 quality scans here:


This is a nice way to roundup this evening. MCC-02RG20 (8x rated) beats a YUDEN T02…! :bow: Compare my burntime with Wes T02 burn above.

And my assumption above was right; a realtime (almost full disc) burn can be compared with a “datadisc” burn. :smiley:

This sounds a bit strange. Maybe my burns on (-) dash media are more consistent then burns on +R media.
With NEC´s ACTOPC (WOPC), media is a factor to take in acount as well, me thinks. But sofar this is only speculations until we see more highspeed burns on (-) dash media… :wink: