Long lead in time with 1635

with ys0w

is this normal?

What do you mean LONG?

45 seconds

If the writing speed is 4x then it’s simply normal :slight_smile:

My own LiteOn (1693) tends to write a longer lead-in than my LGs, although I’ve never actually timed it.

I think (although I could be wrong) this is just a LiteOn thing…never seen it as a problem though - more of a quirk :smiley:

got a digital max cross flased to a 1635s. lead in time is very long. total burn time is the same if not better than my benqs.

@8x write speed my 16H5S makes lead-in for about 15seconds, then starts writing, it’s purely normal…

my liteon 1653 sometime takes 1min 40sec to lead in and perticularly with fujifilm03 media @ 8x also takes around 1min with other -r media. not tested +r media as not used much here in india.

the same fujifilm03 media takes around 15sec. to lead-in in my benq 1640.

it’s 8x using yuden t02 and tyg02 takes 45seconds


With what :confused:

:rolleyes: Leo

It’s OK! There’s nothing we should help you! :slight_smile:

i just wanna know if this is normal.

45 second leadin while benq nu are 5-10 seconds

I would consider it normal, because many LITE-ON drives do longer leadins…

i have a Lite-On SHW-1635S and the lead in time is about 30 seconds, about normal for the drive. my philips is about 10 seconds it just depends on the drive i guess.