Long filename - 76 characters

-Probably a simple thing for those of you that have been doing this for a long time-

I’m trying to burn a disc which includes one filename of 76 characters(including the 3 place ext.). EZ-CD5 just did not appear to be able to do it , so I installed Nero5.5 . After trying multiple combinations with Nero I can burn up to 64 characters (including the 3 place ext.) in UFD mode(b.t.w. - what’s UFD?). I believe this is a standards (or format) issue , but regardless ; if someone could tell me how to proceed I would be thankful .


It’s not an ISO


I have a program called ‘Easy CD Pro 95’
it supports a mode calle ‘romeo’ and can burn files with names containing up to 128 characters.
The only downside is that the cd is only readable in a windows enviroment.

Nero 5

select ISO
File Options
and then select “Relax ISO restrictions”

You should be able to have 255 characters in a path…
But this is then only readable in a Windows 9x/NT/2000 environment.

I have not tried this, I often have longer filenames and Nero pops up a message warning me that it may not be readable in DOS/Win3.1x environment, I always choose to ignore this message and continue burning.

Thank you both for your replies.

I have been seaching though the newsgroups and various websights and it would seem that “Romeo” is the only option to keep the name intact . Strange that an "obsolete " version of EZ-CD Creator would allow me to do what EZ-CD Creator 5 Platium will not !

Nero 5 with those settings does not allow the entire file name to remain intact ; it shortens the name to 64 characters . I guess the “255 characters” is a path-length restriction (eg. 2 directories deep , both with 64 character names , and 1 64 character filename).

Looking at the file name again - Universal_Plug___Play_Device_Host_{B63CDB08-24A7-4DB6-A0AE-F12A551BF41A}.sld
-it may already be damaged (renamed during compression or transfer ) , it likely should be-
Universal Plug & Play Device Host {B63CDB08-24A7-4DB6-A0AE-F12A551BF41A}.sld
(No underscores and the & symbol). Any thoughts ?

Again - Thanks

Use RecordNOW MAX 4.1.

It allows 212 chars filename.

You can use 208 though b’coz the 4 chars are reserved for the “.” & 3 char extension.

I hope this is enough.