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i don’t, that’s why I’m waiting for someone else that knows more about it

i appreciate it…

StageVu has a lot of disclaimers on their site stating that they do not promote, or condone the use of infringing material on their site. They also state that they will remove any such infringing downloads if notified by the copyright holders.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be very diligent in this, as many, if not most of the films offered for download are copyright protected. This site is ripe for a lawsuit from the MPAA. But they are probably not located in the US.

I’m afraid this is all the help you can get from us regarding copyright protected material from StageVu. We can help with materials that you have a legal right to, including dvds or blu ray movies that you own, as well as legal downloads from sites like Cinemanow, or the iTunes store. But copyright protected material from StageVu or torrents is off limits for discussion at this site.

iI completely understand your position…Mum’s the word on that…From now on i’ll stick to playing games. If I had known, I give my word I would not have entangled y’all into this. I truly thank you for your time and honesty.

Ok mykronesis.

I’ll close the thread now, so that no more responses can be made here. But you are certainly welcome to stay here in the forums.

We just have to be careful what is discussed here regarding copyright protected films and software.