Long Copy Time



I have just started using Any DVD. It seems to work well but it takes an exceptionally long time to copy a 2 hour movie. Approximately 1 1/2 hours. I can copy the same movie using DVD Shrink & CD Creator or X Copy Platinum in just about 1 hour. Does anyone have any idea why it takes so long and is there any options in Any DVD that may speed up the copying process.




What are you using with AnyDVD? It doesn’t copy on its own. All it can do it decrypt the DVD.


using cd creator 7.0 which is the same software I used on DVD shrink


One hour is still too long. Please try AnyDVD with CloneDVD2 and check the time. An average movie is appr. 20-30 mins from point zero to a complete written DVD.
If the time remains the same, please check your DMA settings.

Good luck.


Have you check ur DMA?


Thanks for the suggestion. I found that the DMA option was incorrect. I changed it & now a 2 hour movie copies in 30 minutes.

Thanks Again



@baron1 - nice to see that you have posted back to report you problems is fixed and to thank the members who helped you. Anymore problems make sure you post and I am sure you will get the same helpful replies!!


Anytime :iagree: