Long Black Screen Before WinXP Splash

I get a LLLLooooNNNggg black screen (30+ seconds) before the widnows xp splash screen shows up. It happends right after it checks the drives and whatever else it does buring that time. Anybody have had this happen before and fixed please share, Thanks in advance.

Remove these before booting:
a) Floppy disks
b) CD/DVD’s (especially blank CDR/DVDR
c) USB disks.

Can also try some things optimise your HD …defragging/etc.


Yes, this is a typical sign of CD/DVD left in the drive, especially if your DVD drive has a higher boot device priority set in BIOS. Then whatever disc you have in the drive it always spins that up to see if it couldn’t boot from it (same for floppy disks). Unless you want to boot from a CD/DVD, always set the HDD containing your main OS as the 1st boot device.

Either that or your BIOS has a harddisk pre-delay set.

Could also be slow at getting a network address.