London Wins the 2012 bid!



:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:



Yay For The UK.


Euh, YAY!


The London 2012 website is unavailable at present.
Please try again later.

This bid is being promoted by the British government as the only ‘Green’ bid option. How can they claim this when the plans involve paving over East Marsh to make a coach park and cutting down over 500 mature trees?



soooo Womble…i’m coming over i 2012…can i crash at your place? :smiley:


W00T, we got it!!!






Paris is easier to travel…
London is going to make a killer in congestion taxes :wink:


i can`t deside what made me happyer, london getting the games or betting paris :bigsmile:


Well, ako, it appears London used some Prior Preparation and Planning… to nab it. :wink:


without a dout, after all is a old army saying.

not that i was in the army (they wouldn`t have me). i had it drilled into me on my apprentership.


I actually had goose bumps when I found out at work. I mentioned it to the guy next to me and he had too (it wasn’t cold ;))

Well chuffed, especially to beat the arrogant frenchies.


I hope 7 years will be just enough to complete re-building railroad from Seoul to Pyoungyang so that I will be able to reach London without having to cross sea. :slight_smile:


This is brillinant news!! - (Lives near Olympic redevelopment area) :smiley:


Would you not fly?


Any UK resident that’s willing to let me stay for 3 weeks?


See NOW i bet your wishing you had been NICE to womble…and NO he doesn’t have any room… cause i’m gonna be there with him and sneaky :iagree: …and 3 weeks luggage of mine will more than take up any available room sorry…better luck next time :bigsmile:


Can’t I share a room with you and sneaky??
I know Sneaky wouldn’t mind. :disagree:

And I’ve 7years to make it up with Womble. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: