Hot damn! :smiley:

What an idiot :bigsmile:

lmao. OUCH!

my bedroom gets toasty with an xbox 360 and my computer in it I can only imagine a server room in this summer with no AC.

That sounds like something our marketing manager at work would do… including the patronizing tone of the email :bigsmile:

I was thinking the same thing about the tone. as much as all the computer issues suck I’m sure it felt good to see her fired after the tone of that email.

(i just realizing i’m assuming it was a “her”…anyone else get that feeling from the email?)

Nah, I assumed it was a guy because our Marketing manager is a middle aged guy, and has exactly the same email “voice”.

I guess we’ll never know :bigsmile:

He/she who cares it was an idiot :bigsmile:


On a related note:
The whole carbon emission thing is a hoax and is just another stupid marketting ploy used by companies to show consumers that “they care” about anything other than cold hard cash.

If anyone was serious about helping the environment … there’s lots of other non-naturally ocurring chemicals emitted which kill us, and everything else … to tackle, rather than whinging about something which is greatly controlled by ocean temperature (rather than the other way around).

LMAO :bigsmile:
Actually, I hardly noticed the environmental portion of the email at all…
I read it more like:
“I am a jumped up and probably quite insecure person who is trying to assert alpha male (or female) dominance in my corporate workplace by patronizing people who I perceive as subordinate and insignificant to myself (even though I haven’t taken the time to understand anything about their role in the workplace), while at the same time proving my worth to superiors whose approval I need to feel good about myself.” :bigsmile:

Well, that was just my take on it :iagree:

Actually …
I just put the environmental thing in for:

I just thought the person resposnible for turning off the A/C was an incredibly twit. :stuck_out_tongue:
I didn’t bother thinking any deeper in that they were trying hard to impress their superiors but ended up causing a major catastrophe and having them fired.
Which just proves that arse-kissers are going to be the end of the world.

I wonder where that leaves priests … what with all their little boys & all :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep up the good work guys/gals :wink: and sexually frustrated priests!