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Fx55 + sli-dr
~$1000 in trash


Deserves a slap, as an overclocker myself, I like to squeeze out that extra mhz from my kit, and use pi, prime etc etc to check they are running stable and correct. What gets me, is that apart from these hardware royals wanting bragging rights, never in a month of Sundays would that cpu run at them speeds on a day to day basis.


That looks pretty extreme to me… no regular overclocking can do such a thing (maybe because of condensation?). Giving that hardware setup to me would be better spent…


Just goes to show how some people have more money than sense and money to quite litteraly burn

… idiot


ohhhhhh,that hurts!!
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I have no respect/regrets for those who try overclocking just to break synthetic benchmark records.
That was actually his 2nd one. The sad part is, his trying to RMA it!


Hahaha okay… that is just insane. What will he be telling? Sorry, I connected your CPU directly to my portable nuclear reactor but it didn’t turn out well…?


it’s those types of people that drive prices up for the rest of us… :a


You think so? I doubt that anybody at AMD’s will RMA this piece of hardware…


i don’t think so either, but obviously if he is trying he’s of the mentality that if it doesn’t overclock as much as i want (or breaks in the process of pushing past spec) i’ll just RMA it…

i’m sure he’s successfully RMA’d hardware in the past that was absolutely fine…just not up to his “requirements”…that’s the type of thing that costs everyone else…


The motheboard looks like a bullet went through it :eek:

Overclocking can be ridiculus sometimes.
I’ve seen people give hundreds of euros for overclocking, while it would be easier just to buy a faster CPU.


overlcocking is a hobby for many analagous to tuning your car to go faster…but you don’t see people “RMA’ing” their engines when they blow from too much stress…


I killed my poor ES chip overclocking, but the replacement rocks!!! I got my hands on a 2.8b D1 stepping that does 3460 mhz @ default voltage prime 95 stable! I’m happy, I got 165 on the bus, which is enough to break 4gb/s memory bandwidth, and encode times are REALLY fast now! Things like that do make me mad, those people that blow up a chip like that, and expect to RMA it especially. I’m sure he’s returned a lot of stuff that the average person would have kept. I dunno, AMD will tell him to get bent this time, but that certainly isn’t the normal mode of failure for a processor. I’m sure he’s toasted others that didn’t look like they died form extreme OCs.

I paid $120 for my new chip, and sold my dieing ES chip for $75, so this whole thing only cost me $45. It did give me quite a bit more speed, almost 500 mhz over the best my ES did!!! The guy that bought the ES even knows it’s puking. :Z :Z :Z :stuck_out_tongue: :iagree:


Are we sure this is real; or, is it a Photoshop job???


It’s definitely real…if you look at the guy that “achieved” this feat, he’s a serious overclocker. But getting a CPU to melt like that is insane! Most likely something shorted out around the socket, and with over 100Amps going through the CPU, it wasn’t gonna end well! :eek: