LOL............let me ask this again

I got my last post deleted because I didnt phrase the question correctly I guess.

How would I add a new folder to an image made with clone cd or alcohol ?

I use win iso.

I can open the image and put stuff in but when I try and burn the changed image with clone it errors out.

should I burn the changed image with nero ?

I hope this is a “legal” way to ask this :slight_smile:

maybe burn it with a program that supports the ISO extension? search yet? i’d help you further, but im afraid i know the word you must have uttered…

Lol…I see we both live in a cornfield.

Thanks for the reply.

I think I’m gonna give it a shot with Nero when I get a chance.

hey guys, I’m curious as heck… whats the word he must have uttered? (give me a hint ?) I dont want to accidentally utter it myself…

I said the C word that rhymes with back. At least that’s what I think it got deleted for :wink:

thats exactly what it got deleted for :smiley:

It was my rookie mistake :wink:

LOL, ok, gotcha. :wink: