LokiTorrent's Sever logs USELESS!



Haha, I bet this has made ALOT of people happy!



Some of the best news I got all day, spent ages yesterday worrying about it as I have used Loki a few times.


Yeah i was kinda :confused: cos i think i used there tracker a few times but it looks ok now.



HeHe! That’s too funny! Serves them right! :bigsmile:


I’m not sure how accurate that source really is though.


The story goes on to say that next time they will simply monitor the trafic before they shut it down.

Great idea, except, WHAT HAPPENED TO CIVIL RIGHTS?!! Last time I checked it was highly illegal to evesdrop on anyone, with only police/fbi/ect. bieng able to do so with court permission.

Does anyone know if the riaa/mpaa can do this and get away with it?


you don’t get out often, do you :slight_smile: