LokiTorrent operator ordered to pay 1 million dollar fine



I just posted the article LokiTorrent operator ordered to pay 1 million dollar fine.

 Well, it  may be time to donate again! A lot of us thought that the LokiTorrent site had  taken the money and run from a recent donation campaign, but it looks like they  were indeed in court...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9868-LokiTorrent-operator-ordered-to-pay-1-million-dollar-fine.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9868-LokiTorrent-operator-ordered-to-pay-1-million-dollar-fine.html)

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HA HA HA HA HA HA piracy does not pay. can we have the option to change the font size i want to laugh a bit louder.


tinku you tool- piracy will never be stopped.


This is extortion. Sue people that can’t afford it. You can’t fight back. :r


In fairness they can kill kazaz and similar systems and people will just move to Bittorrent, they can kill bittorrent sites and people will move to IRC instead, they can kill IRC and people will move to ftp etc. It can never be stopped, as much as its wrong etc its not something that can be stopped easily and they would be much better of working with there consumers instead of calling them all criminals


These corporations are too greedy… They would be able to sell their mothers for profit…
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That is NOT right. :frowning:
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So you have never had a cassette recording of your favourite record/cd in your car, or taped a record/cd a friend loaned you, or borrowed a book to read from a friend, or kept a collection of shows taped off tv etc? No? Liar!


“Sue people that can’t afford it. You can’t fight back.” It’s probably for the best. God knows we have enough idiotic law suits already going around… we don’t really need people trying to “fight back” when they get caught stealing.


I wish someone with the right amount of clout would have the pods to sue both the RIAA and MPAA for extortion. It appears they want the ordinary man and woman in the street to pay for the shite they churn out in Hollywood that ends up in the $2.99 bin in Walmart.


“Illegally downloading movies from sites such as these without proper authorization violates the law, is theft, and is not anonymous. Stealing movies leaves a trail.” Does anyone else notice how blatantly wrong this is. It is not theft, it is copyright infringement. Piracy and censorship of television is more of a concern in the government right now then white collar crime which is robbing the country of much more then a couple of movies. But why would anyone care about the economy when PEOPLE ARE DOWNLOADING MOVIES! On a side note, im moving to canada, where there is no MPAA/RIAA/Bush.


It’s too bad real crimes don’t get pushed thru the legal system this fast and efficiant. Imagine if murderers and rapest got thier day in court the day they commited thier crime. But I guess it’s ok for a large organization to make an example out of a piracy site so that gets the top priority in the legal system - and a huge fine even though no law was broken. But some good news, we must all remimber that these fines can be as much as anyone can imagine, that doesn’t mean that lowkee will have to pay, its really just for publicity. I’m just glad he stood up to it.


On a side note, im moving to canada, where there is no MPAA/RIAA/Bush. Arrr! But you can still get sued wherever you are :slight_smile:


if you get caught shop lifting at best buy or circuit city, you will have the option of paying double the price of the stolen merchendize. that`s not even a misdeminor. if you get caught downloading you will have to pay god knows how much…and your life ruined. fair? /me gone shoplifting :d


Arrr! But you can still get sued wherever you are can the MPAA sue canadians? I know there are laws in canada, but its not like they are handing out million dollar fines.


I must admit of course, that what these people are doing is wrong. But, the maddening thing to me is that the DMCA is being used in a situation that is was not desinged for. The Internet did not exsist when these protections were passed and they were intended I believe for piracy operations that manufactured and sold goods to the public for profit. It is about time that there were separate laws written with appropriate punishment for those that are merely sharing lossy digital files. Don’t move to Canada, write your representatives and protest, or donate to the EFF instead. It’s time we brought the MPAA and the RIAA into the 21st Century and fought for consumers rights.


Well if its shite, then why are people pirating it? I’ve never understood the arguement that its OK to pirate it since it sucks. If it really does suck, then why are you wasting time and bandwidth to get it?


Exactly right, stealing is a completely different offense. When you shoplift you are charged with stealing, when you steal a car you are charged with stealing/theft. Downloading a movie is not the same charge. The MPAA and RIAA just use their own labels to describe it.


The photo asks “Is this you?” The answer is no, that doesn’t look anything like me :stuck_out_tongue:


Give me DRM free music downloads and i will pay for them.