LokiTorrent is offically being sued by the MPAA

If you use something like Azureus you can see all the IP number of those shareing the file.

One more thing to think about regarding a possible “scam”: This site, as well as others has a database of millions of emails and IPs. If they wanted to scam us, it’s much easier to become a legit spam company. The database itself is worth a small fortune, especially the IP/email relation, as it gives away the true location of the email owner. This allows for targeted spaming. If you read a bit you will see they could have made 30k a month easily: http://tinyurl.com/3otk5 http://tinyurl.com/46gym

Once the MPAA win this case, they will also get all the records of who (donated) money to support the company. And then add them to a ‘watch’ list or sue or whatever evil they wish. THE USofA is owned by corporations’ people and if there is not a law today to put we people in our place then there will be tomorrow. This is what happens when you don’t vote or get honest people into government, we create an evil empire based on greed. (non US people try to keep US style laws from your land) And you people who worry about scams and helping this company - you people buy DVDs, Music CDs you are supporting the MPAA/RIAA stop doing that before you worry about a few bucks to help out some pirates who run a file tracker. Everyone needs to setup a local wireless high speed network and create a large mesh to move much of this kind of traffic off the internet (corporations). Then when they want to shut down a file trader they will need to get a radio truck out, and go after people (ISPs of one) one at a time, now it’s too easy '“ some lawyer sends one fax to ANY ISP and they pull your connection. Do a trace route on the internet each router you see is a place where your traffic can be monitored, blocked and taxed.

I can remember 3 similar sites, who were collecting money before they went down. These were ShareReactor, DonkeyNL and ShareConnector. All of them were collecting money for a “server”, shorty after collecting the money, all sites went down due to legal reasons. My guess is that Loki knows his site will be shut down shortly and he wants to collect as much money before the site is down. The server is located in the US, so MPIAA will be able to close the site down.