LokiTorrent is offically being sued by the MPAA

I just posted the article LokiTorrent is offically being sued by the MPAA.

Today we can visit over at LokiTorrent and see that they have fallen under the legal crosshairs of the MPAA. Bram Cohens program BitTorrent, is not in danger from legal assaults because…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9653-LokiTorrent-is-offically-being-sued-by-the-MPAA.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/9653-LokiTorrent-is-offically-being-sued-by-the-MPAA.html)

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What if these guys are collecting money for the ‘good cause’ but actually are going to run away with the money? Afterall the business they are in isn’t that honest as well. I would never ever give money to that kind of sites because we all know they really don’t have any legal use.

That may be true Rex, but seriously, there are millions of sharers out there. I personally am going to give them 10 bucks. Even if they do take the money and run, it’s only 10 fucking dollars!!! If you have a problem with it, just give them a dollar. If 15,000 people donate one buck each, well, you know the rest. In my opinion, a worthwhile risk to try and protect something that we’ve all come to enjoy.

first thing i thought too

I just hope that they use the money to fight this suit. IMHO the MPAA can’t stop them. Only if the INDUCE act had passed, then they would be in trouble. I do not condone the sharing of illegal files. I am just interested in a legal decision, so we know where these trackers stand. If they fight it and win, who knows what will happen next.

I just wish that when A CD got scratched it could simply be returned for a new copy free of charge. These people try to block copies and downloads and dont offer any good way to backup your investment except for repurchasing titles. I never used torrents except to download my linux flavors and few other linux apps.

You know the rest… Well I know that when 15 000 users donate a buck each, they run away with 15 000 USD in their pockets. Only a dollar a donater! So what! Let them screw us!

To me this seems like a fraud. I sure as hell am not an expert in official law papers, but to me the scan of the “original legal paper” seems kind of odd. First of all it’s typed in plain Times New Roman on plain paper. All sender info is just in a standard Microsoft Word header. Legal actions by companies of this scale are always processed by huge law firms. They have standardized templates for the letters they send. To me the use of language doesnt sound like it’s coming from a professional lawyer. The lawsuit states that they have recently filed a suit against Lokitorrent. Well, why on earth wouldnt they (or lokitorrent for that matter) tell the suit number? If it’s in the header, why smudge it? People would love to check from the district court if the alleged lawsuit is real. Has anybody checked for the authenticity of this? The most disturbing thing is at lokitorrent frontpage. The small print below the donation progress bar says “Every penny of this fund will be going towards legal and other costs associated with saving peer-to-peer as a whole”. OTHER COSTS ASSOCIATED WITH SAVING PEER-TO-PEER AS A WHOLE ??? Sorry for the caps. But seriously, if they ran with the money and were later sued, these words would most definitely save their asses. You can make just about any interpretation from those words. Lastly, is there a way to check if they truly have received the amount of money they claim on their frontpage? At the moment it says 13 955 USD. If they were to cheat people, an easy way to get more donations would be to add a zero to the real amount of money received. People think “Oh, so many people donating! I wanna be part of this thing! I’ll donate too!”. Is there a way to check the true amount of money they have received via paypal? I mean directly from Paypal, without any secondhand information. Then again, they could always claim they received this and this much money via mail, which is the other method of donation they offer. Btw, on the frontpage they talk about the donation going for legal expences. Then in the actual donation page they talk about hardware upgrades. This smells… Well, go figure. Time will tell.

looks real to me… :c

There not only going after the tracker sites. My Internet connection was canceled yesterday, at least temporaly, as my ISP got a copyright notice from MGM because I was using BT to download an episode of TV show I missed. Hopefully there won’t be a lawsuit, knock on wood :slight_smile: , as it was only one file. So no more BT for me, at least for this purpose. So beware!!!

Damn, i miss the daily updated torrents on suprnova and the others.

Until an actual court case is in progress (like the Kazaa/Sharman Networks one in Oz) then I seriously doubt that any legal cease & desist notice is enforceable or valid for that matter. The whole thing smells of bully/scare tactics by greedy pigheaded RIAA/MPAA morons. This is not unlike debt collection agencies who use blatant legal threats (scare tactics) to force people to pay outstanding bills. Furthermore, I would seriously like to see how enforceable their claims are that Bittorrent trackers are copyrighted ?? No illegal files are hosted on any of the Bittorrent web sites and yet here we have the RIAA/MPAA claiming that they now own the copyright on the trackers ? The only thing that can emerge from all this is rapid progress towards a newer form of P2P client which is harder to track or the mass exodus of P2P file sharers towards IRC/FTP or other distribution methods.

Well, it appears most of us trust them. 3 days ago it was “$13955 in support so far, $30,000 needed” Today it’s “$20332 in support so far, $30,000 needed” Almost 7000$ in 3 days. Not bad at all. By next week they will have enogh to go to war. I I think the MPAA might be surprised by the response of so many “anonymous” BT users

Um, I dunno. Remember the ShareConnector donation page? Right after the amount of money collected reached 100% they went down. Where did the money go? Nobody knows…

shareconnector as been sued by the german version of riaa :S but true , people who make a donation burned :slight_smile:

Come on guys, if nobody does anything and runs away each time the RIAA/MPAA raises it ugly head, then they will win alot more then the couple of dollars you have given. Some causes are with fighting for and as long as we dont work together, then the boys at RIAA/MPAA win.

I heard of them first time , but I donated too( I hope that if CDFreaks posted they are “cosher”). I don’t care about this site and I even do not use BitTorrent but sites shouldn’t fall to MPAA that easy and it’s good idea to make them run for their money. For each $ spent MPAA will pay at least x30 more and the more angoing “buttles” they have the less new sites they gona target .

remember the people who donated to shareconector LOL after it hit the target if was shut down I wounder where that money ended up no dobut this money will end up in the same place. just another warez site crying, linux aside what else do they offer… WAREZ!!! I hope this site burns and the rest f em!!!

I think people here told more then once - ShareConnector was closed by authorities , if somehow you think ShareConnector team cooperated with authorities to make tthen close just when all the fund raising was finished you are crazy :slight_smile: With resonable prices on software and movies for personal usage (should be 1/5 of current prices and 1/3 for games) and ability to make personal copies as well as ability buy additional “user licenses” even cheaper instead of buying full software package this “WAREZ” situation would never arrize , most people would “know” that it’s illigal. For now it’s steal from the theifs (RIAA,MPAA,…) kind of aproach and why it may be illigal it’s not imorral.

How they are knowing what you are down and uploading(only hash numbers)