Loking to buy portable FLAC player--any tips?

Hi all, I’m looking for the best portable FLAC player out there. Sound quality and storage capacity are most important for me, don’t care if it plays video, games, etc. I’m considering the Trekstor Vibez 32 GB (hard to find in US) and the Cowon S9 16GB. Which of these is better, or would anyone recommend another? Thanks for any tips.


if i where you i could find a player that can support Rockbox (www.rockbox.org) as that can play FLAC files and just about any other of the major ones out there.

i personally use a Sandisk Sansa e250 (2GB internal flash memory) and it even has a expandable memory slot for MicroSD cards which with rockbox you can use upto a 32GB one from what i read… only issues is that since the stock firmware cannot use anything larger than 2GB you will either need a card reader that can read those (i.e. the MicroSDHC cards) OR transfer files (using rockbox) from internal memory to the external memory.

The Sansa Fuze plays FLAC and OGG (mine needed a firmware update).

Another option if you don’t mind the player being a little bulky is to get hold of a 2nd hand handheld Sat Nav GPS with a headphones socket and runs on Windows CE Core edition (most brands apart form Garmin and TomTom do). A model with SDHC support would be better due to the size of FLAC files. A lot of Sat Nav manufacturers don’t provide updated maps for their older devices, so some people end up buying a new Sat Nav for updated maps and likely have their old Sav Nav device lying around that they wouldn’t mind selling off for very little.

With most Sat Nav’s that run the WinCE more, it is possible to kill the running navigation software by replacing the navigation software executable with something that acts as a task manager/killer (e.g. WolfToolbar), which leaves you with the Windows CE GUI shell. Do some research first, as like using unofficial firmware, there are a few Sat Nav models can be “bricked” if the wrong files are tampered with, not to mention voiding any warranty that may be left on the device.

Once in the WinCE GUI, all you need is a WinCE compatible media player (e.g. the freeware HPC Media Player), which will play a wide variety of audio and video files, including FLAC, OGG Vorbis, Musepack (MPC), AAC, Dolby Digital (AC3), etc., not to mention a wide range of video formats.

The following is a snapshot from my own Sat Nav running HPC Media Player with a selection of FLAC encoded tracks: :slight_smile: