Loking for an affordable but good pc case any recomendations

Hi guys been looking to buy a new pc case to keep my bits cool , i got 3 hardives on raid and 3 dvdr drives on my mob ide , thing is theres so many out there and they all say the same stuff about themselfs so i was wondering if u found any bargains in the uk

pc spec xp 3000
memory 2 x 512ddr 2700
3 x 160 hd
3 X nd2500
1 x liteon 166s


ps max i want to spend is £135

Go for the Coolermaster Wavemaster…


£104 inc. VAT

OK with PSU and carriage you’ll bust your budget a bit, at least if you get it all from Scan, but it’s worth it. A good solid case and it should fit all that gear you list…

Shop round and you might even find it cheaper elsewhere…

yep does look nice and ive looked at dabs and simply computors and there all like £128 , what psu would u sugest for it ?


Anything really…the more expensive ones tend to be quieter, but there are some quite powerful cheaper models floating around, I’m sure I’ve got something like a 550 watt in one of my PCs that was only £20-30.00. None of my machines are particularly noisy. Infact one on my PCs runs a 235 watt PSU and has in it a DVD-ROM and Writer, Athlon 2400+, 1GB DDR RAM, GeForce 3 Ti500, 80GB HDD, on an Abit KD7 and to this day, despite the low power rating, I’ve never once had any bother with it. So high power isn’t always necessary, however in your case I’d suggest probably 500 watts be a minimum. Try the following sites to see whats on offer…