As I browse this site I notice that there is a lack out Logout hyperlinks, I can only Logout if I select to start or reply to a thread ion a Forum.

Am I doing something wrong, or do I not need to Logout?

there’s a link to logout at the bottom of the main forum page.

You can check your profile for cookie settings (cookie is what keeps you logged in).

If you are the only one using the PC you are logging in from, there is no real need to logout.

Personally I like that I don’t have to login each time, since noone else but me is using this PC anyways.

Is there a idle time that gets you logged out. I have been logged in and went to reply to a topic, had my response typed out and hit submit reply and had to relog back in and lost what I had typed in for my response and had to retype it. Am I doing something wrong?