Logo would identify copy-protected CDs - easier to boycott

I just posted the article Logo would identify copy-protected CDs - easier to boycott.

As one of our favorite visitors fb- always calls for boycotting the RIAA, this might now be more easy. The IFPI has now announced it has proposed a logo to identify CDs that include anti-copying…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4510-Logo-would-identify-copy-protected-CDs---easier-to-boycott.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/4510-Logo-would-identify-copy-protected-CDs---easier-to-boycott.html)

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Well if they persist in the tawdry behavior of copy protection shenanigans, then I urge: 1) use of logo is manadatory, and 2) cd freaks should design this logo… How about a poll for an ostritch sticking its head inside of a Toilet Bowl! ( That’s the RIAA! )Kind of like their version of Dolly the Sheep! Anyone with a better design for this logo? Three cheers for Olli and CloneCD! :wink:

I forgot to say… I want my CloneDVD! Please tell us when that will be, Olli? :slight_smile:

haha- ya i like that one. how about a donkey wearing a dunce cap. :4

How’s about a little stick man … with one hand pointing to his bum and the other pointing to to a hole in the ground, with the caption "that’s my hole,and that’s an ass in the,…No That’s the ass and I’m a …

I didn’t realize Copy Protection was getting “worse”. On the contrary, I was begining to think it was anti-RIAA propaganda being dregged up by folks trying to steal music. I’ve purchased over 20 CD’s in the past 6 months, of them 0 have had any sort of copy protection… 3 came with Bonus DVD’s though. About half of the recent CD purchases have been new releases (from 2001-02). Perhaps you mean copyprotection is worse outside of America?

copy protections for computer games is definately increasing even in the last few months alone(inside the US). No matter tho- it will always be broken. PS - how do u “steal” music? all data is free- deal with it. and the RIAA does suck.

You steal music by taking copyrighted works that don’t belong to you. You’re not just taking money from the EVIL RIAA, you’re taking it out of the pockets of those who make the music… and if you take it from them, it won’t be long until no one makes any music… they won’t make it so y’all can steal it. Then they’d have to pay to put the music out just so you guys could steal and bitch. So actually data isn’t “free”. You can take it illegally at no cost, but with that logic… everything is free. It’s amazing, the greed of the RIAA has spread to the masses. Data is free… that’s great.