Logo remover

I have an avi that has unwanted script that pops up every now and again. I found a couple of programs called Logoaway and Region Remover. They are virtualdub filters. Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to use virtualmod with these filters. I have done a couple of things in vdub like extracting audio but am really not familiar with the functions of this editting tool.:confused: Thanks

I have used the DeLogo 1.3.2 VirtualDUB filter many a time to remove logos from my AVI that were captured off TV. It removes them fine but from a constant area for the whole movie.

To use this or other VD plugins, just copy the *.vdf file in the VirtualDUB/Plugins folder. Same for VirtualDUBMod. To use them, in the Filters option in Video, click Add and select the plugin you want. Then follow the directions for each different pluggin. The plugins normally have Readme.txt files or similar that explains how to use them. You then need to Save AVI using DivX or Xvid as the compressor and set at the same (or a tad higher) bitrate as the original.

Thankyou. I did manage to get the filter working but ended up with a huge file. Then remembered to use full processing and use compression (ie. Xvid or Divx) to reduce the size of the output file.Everything was going along fine until about the last 2 min of processing when vdub decided to crash. The problem had something to do with the filter but I could not understand what it meant. Ran the avi thru dvd2svcd and it came out perfectly with no audio sync problems but still had the text at the bottom of the screen pop up. Will try vdub again when time permits and try to trace the source of the crash. :wink:

Ran the avi thru vdub again with no changes and it did not crash but the audio was out of sync by about 2seconds. Encoded with tmpge and used the wizard to adjust the audio in a 1 or 2 min segment until it was in sync and it worked out fine.:cool:

Glad to hear you finally got it working.