Logo free DL printable DVDs

Where can I buy logo free, Dual Layer inkjet printable DVDs? Please help. Thanks

Any number of places, where are you?

Im in nevada USA

Rima.com has what you want, but stay away from anything other than Verbatim DL media.

I bought 25 DL verbatim DVDs which burn perfectly every single time at highspeeds, but they have logo’s stamped on the hub. I just want some semi reliable DL DVDs that are inkjet printable and dont have logos on them.

Unfortunately, Verbatim is the only reliable brand for DL discs. Best to leave the others alone.

I work fo a duplicating house in Canada we use blankmedia.ca they ship to the US and accept all credit cards, reliable stock also

Here’s the best DL printable I’ve Ever used. Bar none. Here’s a link http://www.supermediastore.com/product/u/fti-falcon-media-pro-white-inkjet-hub-printable-8x-dvd-plus-r-double-layer-50-pack?filter=brand%3DFTI&max=15&offset=0