LogitechHS02-Vxx(Concorde BT) headset disconnecting service when starting game

I’ve bought a Logitech Headset (name in title), which is a bluetooth headset and bought a Concorde bluetooth dongle for it to connect it to my pc. After BlueSoil (the dongel’s software) installed everything seem ok since it found my headset and even connected it to a headset service thanx to which I’ve heard the sound of my pc in the headset. But when I start a game (anygame) instead of hearing the music or sounds of it it disconnects the service but keeps the headset paired with the pc.

Why is that? How can I solve this?

I’m not sure this is my headset’s fault since it might be the dongles fault too (after restarting the pc, the software automaticly restarts but cannot see the dongle on the usb cable until I don’t pull it down and push it back), but I defenetly want to solve this problem.

Any idea appreciated!

Thanx in advace!