Logitech x-530 5.1 vs. Z-3e 2.1 for music



Hi All,

I love my music, and I love my mp3s. So, I’m looking for a set of speakers almost solely for listening to music, with the occasional weekly movie. Here’s what I’m trying to decide between:

Logitech Z-3e 2.1 Speakers


vs. Logitech Z-530 5.1 Speakers


Can anyone comment on the difference 5.1 vs. 2.1 makes in listening to music? I listen to rock/alternative/metal, if that influences the decision at all. And I hate boomy bass. And I know there will be some that suggest Klipsch or the higher end Logitechs, but my budget is $100 CDN or less.



Sorry, but the bass on lower-end Logitechs is really only good for gaming or watching movies. The subwoofers have no dynamic range at all–frequencies only a little bit apart can come out like lions or lambs. If you’re buying new speakers to listen to music, you might want to give these a pass and save a little money instead.


Depends on how big the room is you have your PC in? Big room more speakers 5.1 or more :cool: Small room 2.0 or 2.1 :wink: and i agree with tropic


if you are gonna lising to music go for Logitech Z-5500 Digital 5.1 and a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Soundcard (not yet out)

that is what i am thinking to do :wink:
i all ready have a Z-5500 Digital Speaker set, am just waiting for X-Fi to come out here in norway ;D


I’m thinking about getting the same combination of Speakers and sound card. But the sound card im thinking of getting is the Fatility version with the drive bay as this is the only one that has a digital (SPDIF) connection. If you want to connect digitally then it will have to be this one or higher pro model. From what I can see there is no digital out on the Xtreme music version only analogue. If Im going to spend so much money on great speakers then I want to get the best out of them so I want to connect digitally. Or I may just save loads of money and get a HDA Digital X-Mystique 7.1 sound card instead.