Logitech X-530 5.1 strange buzzing noise

Hi all

I’ve got the logitech X-530 system connected to my on-board Realtek sound card.

This morning, the speakers just started buzzing (with the PC turned off). I have tried all sorts to get them working properly again but no joy. They have been working fine for the last 6 months!

If I try the green plug into my ipod they work fine. But as soon as I plug them into the PC they start buzzing. I have also tried a PCI soundcard but the same thing happens.

If I unplug my PC and Monitor at the mains they stop. But as soon as I plug them back in they start buzzing again. If I plug them into one socket and the PC into another they still buzz. My old speakers work fine.

Are they faulty or is my PC or Mains to blame?


Could it be interference from your power supply or ups?

Did you move your pc case to a different location or something?

I had a similar issue occur when I moved my pc case from the floor on to my desk. Moved it back to the floor, cleaned the case out, checked all of the connections and things improved greatly.