Logitech X 230 - PC Multimedia Speaker System $20 shipped

Buy.com great deal: http://www.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=10385498&adid=17070&dcaid=17070

speakers have gotten all great reviews…only bad thing is that som ementioned that it wa sa little bassy, but for $20 those speakers look reall ynice, aparently work well, and are really affordable!

i think i’m finally replacing my speakers!! yay!!

anyone know of any buy.com coupons to make this deal better?

They are nice. I have an older version of that setup and they are amazing if you pair them with a decent sound card and eq.

I bought these at Newegg about a year ago. For the money you can’t go wrong. They do have over powering bass which is really no problem if you have a graphic EQ on you sound card software. The only problem I have is if I’ve been using my $100 Altec Lansing setup on my main computer and then use these. They don’t have the sound quality of the Altec Lansings, but they didn’t cost $100 either!
Worth every bit of even there list price IMO. :iagree:

They seem to be gone.


i didn’t get to order yet! dammit!

Always order first. . . then post the link. :wink:

I have learned that the hard way a couple of times, lol!!!
I wonder if that is a discontinued model (I recall seeing similar ones, maybe the same ones on clearance at office depot but someone beat me to them too). If it is, maybe others will clearance them out?

Quite possible. I bought my X-220 setup over 2 years ago. So assuming that the X-230 is the next years model (2005), then they could’ve easily been old or discontinued stock.

i’m better off that it’s out of stock. my speakers suck, but they work. I would have been spending $20 to replace something that doesn’t technically NEED replacing.

isntead I can send that extra $20 to the student loan people that are sucking me dry