Logitech remote: logitech harmony 300



What are your thoughts on and experiences with a universal remote, like the logitech harmony 300 (listedfor USD 50 / EUR 30)?

Here’s the thing: I just finalized my audio/video set up at my new place. So far, I’ve got a (1) LCD television; (2) Digital TV Decoder; (3) Blu-ray/DVD player; (4) Logitech 5.1 System all connected. Which adds up a total of 4 remotes - and I’ve saved one by not-installing a normal tuner.

Do any of you have any experience with universal remotes? What I know from the Harmony series, they were up to the task but quite expensive - the harmony 300 seems to be (more) affordable though.


I have a Harmony remote. Don’t know the model, since i don’t use it anymore. I don’t use it anymore because it does not work for my setup.

I have several devices, all of different brands. Seperately the remote works flawlessly on all devices, but the combined program (I.E. Watch movies on my Xbox, so turn on TV, turn on surround set on correct channel with correct volume and dolby settings, turn on xbox 360, navigate to correct menu) never works. Either the timing is horribly or the harmony tries to turn off and on several devices. It just does not work.

I have never understood why it does not work, but my best guess is the timing. The harmony has no way to control if all procedures have been executed correctly. It does have a learning and support function, but that support is also very very horrible, powering off systems, turning them on again, etc.

Again, seperately all devices work on the Harmony. Hell, i could even play games with the Harmony using it as a Xbox 360 controller! :slight_smile: