Logitech QuickCam problem

just bought a Logitech QuickCam Express camera.
i let Windows XP Pro install the software for me, didn’t bother using the disk Logitech provided with the camera.
just plugged it into 1 of my USB ports and that was it, everything went fine.
tested the camera and all seemed to be working good.
problem started after i shut down my computer and came back about an hour later.
booted up my comp. and now when i try to use my camera an error comes up saying that the device isn’t responding or is being used by another application.
only way i can get my camera to work now is if i unplug it from the USB port, then plug it back in, after doin this it works fine again.
any ideas on how to fix this?
do i need to install the software that came with the camera?

Being a tech I have seen this problem with quickcam’s a lot. Some times installing the software that came with the cam helps out, but then some times the issue is only resolved by updateing the Bios of the MB it’s self. So I would start by checking to see if the software that came with the cam will fix the issue if that doesn’t work then you should check the company site that made the MB to see if there is an upgrade of the bios. In the case of a big company like Compaq, or gateway you will have to check their site, as their bois update’s for the most part are only avaliable through their company.

I hope this help’s you out.