Logitech Quickcam Go Trouble

I just bought a Logitech Quickcam Go and my problem is the webcam can’t be found.
I installed it exactly as it said and I restarted the computer.
When I restarted the computer and plugged it in it came up with 3 different things:
“Found new hardware”
“Hardware installed”
“USB Devise Not Recognised” I clicked on this one for more information and it came up with:
“Unknown USB Device
Recommendation: Try connecting the device. If windows still does not recognise it,replace the device.”
I’ve tried connecting it to multiple USB’s on the computer and i’ve also tried it on a different computer and it comes up with the exact same thing.

&& When I go to the video preview which comes up when I restarted the computer it comes up with:
“Camera is unplugged.
Please connect your camera into your computer.”
& there is a troubleshoot option which i clicked and it didn’t do anything.

Any ideas? or should I just go back and get a refund? and try a different type of webcam?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.