Logitech Quickcam drivers problem



I bought a Logotech Quickcam Connect I/M yesterday to replace my Logitech Quickcam 8.4.6. which is a bit old. I disconnected the old camera and put the cd to install the drivers for the new one. Unfortunately, I forgot to uninstall the drivers of the old webcam first but the installation was completed nevertheless. The new webcam was detected and I restarted the pc. After that I went to the Event Viewer in the Control Panel to check if everything was alright. In the Applications section there was the following

Event ID: 1001
Event Source: MsiInstaller
Detection of product “{945AC98B-3DC8-45BE-BAE0-22CEEE37A103}”, feature “QuickCam”
failed during request for component “{C207503F-9631-4AF6-8CD2-D11260DBA3C5}”


Event ID: 1004
Detection of product '"{945AC98B-3DC8-45BE-BAE0-22CEEE37A103}", feature ‘QuickCam’, component “{C207503F-9631-4AF6-8CD2-D11260DBA3C5}” failed. The resource ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Logitech\QuickCam10\DesktopShortcutKey’ does not exist.

I have searched for a solution in the Logitech Support and I realized that many users have the same problem due to the drivers v.11.5 and the MSInstaller warnings are a known problem. They told me to wait for the next drivers update by Logitech. I’m very frustrated because I used the cd they supplied with the camera and it’s faulty causing unnecessary Warnings in my Event Viewer.

What can I do to fix it?


Restore the store point the driver update made


Reinstall The old driver again?


[quote=Mr. Belvedere;1999853]Restore the store point the driver update made


Reinstall The old driver again?[/quote]

Thank you for your answer but I replaced the Quickcam 8.0.1 with the Connect IM so I can’t revert to the old drivers because there aren’t any. The Quickcam Connect is a brand new camera and I have installed the drivers directly from the cd but v.11.5 is the one with the problem anyway. I can’t put my older webcam back 'cause I gave it to my brother. This is my weby:

and my older weby is the previous model of the following: