Logitech Quickcam annoyance

I’ve just got two of these for myself and my father. Not tried it on his PC yet since he has to pick it up from my place.

However. After installing it it’s own software would crash or other applications (iexplore, mirc.exe, mmc.exe when opening services etc) would crash. I traced it down to a service called lvprcsrv.exe which is ‘Logitech Process Monitor’. It’s used for stuff like the avatars etc. I have tried several driver versions and they all cause the same issue. Once that service is disabled most things work OK (Except the avatars).

The other thing that crashes no matter what is the audio settings tab in the camera settings options. If I try to access it I get a shell32.dll, control_rundll error in the cpl.

I cannot believe how bad this software is. None of my other device software behaves so incredibly badly. I hope it does not cause problems on my fathers PC too.

Logitech camera software can be a ball of fun. Where else can you get a program that will shave you, change your underware, do the dishes and laundry, shine you shoes and call home more then your girlfreind all at the same time and it even comes with a camera. :eek:

Most Ligitech software is plug and play, you can uninstall all of the software and the camera will still work but you wont be able to tweak the options.