Logitech MX700 causing major trouble!


i’ve got some major trouble… maybe due to the combo i use…

Got a Logitech Cordless Desktop Pro keyboard, with a receiver plugged into the regular keyboard output on motherboard… i recently purchased a MX700 Optical and plugged that (the base station) in with USB. All functions properly, but after a rather short time the red light on the mouse starts to flash and i can’t use the mouse anymore. If i put it in the base station to charge it simply keeps on flashing… i thik the battery level isn’t the problem, tried with brand new batteries or other NiMH rechargeables which im pretty sure were FULL :S

So well… perhaps it’s some other problem, but i can’t find anything on it at the Logitech site or in the li’l booklet that came along…

Any1 here who had the same and found out how to fix it? Or any1 who simply knows anyway?


sounds like a bad charger, which is also the transmit/receive station. Or the mouse itself, I’d RMA. Did you try changing channels on the mouse?

i don’t know how?

The charging is no problem, i actually tried another one… a normal charger for NiMH… same shit. Actually i unplugged the charger and the mouse led still flashed… i think it’s some kind of disturbance… so maybe change channel, but how =/

You use the driver software to change channels. Mouseware, properties, “cordless” and hit the connect button. Keyboard should also have a similar option.

ok will try later on… right now i’ve resorted to using my cordless mouseman wheel again… cuz it works :stuck_out_tongue:

What colour is the light flashing in the charger, when you put the mouse in, if it is green & flashing it is charging give it a couple of hours, if it is red you have a problem.
If you see a red light flashing on the mouse you need to recharge it, within half hour otherwise mouse no work;)

Hope this helps! :smiley:

if the red light on the mouse starts to flash and i put it in the charger, it will just keep flashing. But seriously the batteries CANNOT be dead, i’ve put in fully charged and it would still do the same within 2 minutes :S it gotta be some other kind of failure. The light on the charger/station don’t do any color, but that’s normal. Only light on the mouse lights during charging. I think lol

so well… unless there’s a shortcircuit in the mouse causing the batteries to leech empty like f*ck, i don’t know what the problem is… if it were such a shortcircuit i reckon i’d notice cuz sumfin would turn quite hot then :wink:

Ok so let me get this straight, the red light on the mouse is flashing (meaning it is going flat) & you put it in the charger, does the flashing light on the mouse turn green & flashing or does it stay red & keep flashing.
If it stays red & flashing double check your connections, caus that sounds like there is a problem with the charger.
How old is the Mx700? Can you take it back to the shop?

I’ve found Logitech support to be very helpfull and responsive, suggest you give them a call.

I wouldn’t buy anything else but Logitech these days, great keyboards & mice. Haven’t had any problems with the logitech duo :cool:

It keeps flashing red… it’s quite new but i brought it from holland, i live in sweden. Got it cheap there thru ma dads work…

BTW, have you tried the newest MouseWare driver?

Originally posted by rdgrimes
BTW, have you tried the newest MouseWare driver?

No anything new?

Tepel I would do what rdgrimes has suggested, just give logitech a call & see what they say.
But one more question, the batteries you are using are they the ones that came with the mouse or are you using normal ones or other rechargeable ones ?
If there normal ones they wont charge, & you have to be using the recharge type batteries Nickel Metal Hydride Battery for them to recharge in the logitech charger.

Latest driver should be 9.79. I noticed a bit smoother control, but it removes the option to use page-up/down on the buttons.

I use that function alot, they always take out something that you like, that’s probably why I haven’t moved from the 9.75 :slight_smile:
I have tried bigger battries in the mouse 2100mah rather than the normal 1700 it seems to last longer without recharging so often.:cool:

Well the new scroll finction amounts to page up/down, it just scrolls a page at a time instead.

hmm sounds interesting, might have to d/l the new driver & try it out for myself. Thanks for letting me know what has been improved, you never know unless someone else trys it first.:smiley:
I have you tried the bigger batteries in ur mouse?

Originally posted by Naboo
If it stays red & flashing double check your connections, caus that sounds like there is a problem with the charger.

It sounds like it to me. Have you cleaned the connectors on the mouse and the charger? Have you wiggled the mouse around to see if it makes a good connection?

I think the mouse is eating fresh batts in a couple hours, which was a known issue at one point.

I have you tried the bigger batteries in ur mouse?

I use 1700’s, they last a couple days.

The 2100 rechargable series lasts a week, but normally I just use the 1700 until I run the batteries down then put the 1700 on slow charge & use the 2100mah just to give them a break.

Using normal batteries yes they only last a couple of hours, that’s why having the rechargable mouse is the best idea. :slight_smile: