Logitech MX610 Laser Cordless Mouse $9.99 after MIR at Radio Shack



Features 2.4GHz technology, which automatically detects and eliminates wireless interference, working up to five times faster than conventional mice. As the world’s first smart mouse, it extends battery life by synching with your PC: it sleeps, wakes up and shuts down when your PC does. The MX610 also alerts you when the batteries are low.


Rebate form:

What’s in the box

* Logitech® MX™610 Laser Cordless Mouse
* 2.4GHz Micro-Receiver
* CD with Logitech® SetPoint™ software
* USB-to-PS/2 adapter
* AA Alkaline batteries (2)
* Installation Guide


Thanks, I need a new mouse and this one sounds good.


Bought the MX-610 today and am testing it out. Haven’t installed the software. Feels a lot different from my other meeces which are (very) old MS Intellimouse Explorer 1.0A. I’ve stuck with them because they fit my fat pudgy hands very well. Also, the scroll wheel is smooth compared to other incarnations of the Intellimouse Explorer. I had an IE 3.0 mouse and gave it to my mom because I didn’t care for how the scroll wheel ratcheted when using it. This new mouse’s wheel seems pretty smooth but not as smooth as the Logitech Revolution, which is the smoothest scrolling wheel I know of.

My only concern with this new MX-610 is if I can use two of them on two different computers that are sitting next to each other as they may be set on the same frequency.


You have to purchase the mouse for $60 then wait for the $50 rebate back I won’t consider it any deal.


Personally I hate big rebates like that, but as far as the mouse, I have been using one for a while and love it. I got it at circuit city for 30$ (no rebate) but that is the only time I have seen them that cheap without rebate. I kind of wish I had gotten two. They are pretty smooth and range is across the room.


Month ago I bought for my son Logitec both Keyborad and mouse wireless from Staples for $69.99 with $20 rebate that comes about $50.


For those that don’t care for the size of this rebate (which I’ll admit is pretty substantial) there is always this free after rebate deal at Newegg…

NewEgg.com has the i-Rocks Superman Optical Mouse in Blue or Silver for $13 - $13 rebate [Exp 2/28] + $5 shipping = $5 shipped. It is a total rip of the Logitech MX-5xx Series Mice. Features 2 side buttons and an 800dpi optical sensor.

Be sure to grab some cool wallpaper to go with this item…



This is even better deal also.


Just an FYI in case anyone is interested. I emailed Logitech’s customer support to see if two of these mice could be used in close proximity because I have two computers sitting next to each other. They replied stating that the mice and USB receivers are coded to their own frequency and that the chance of crosstalk would be very low.

So I just bought a second mouse and tested them and they do in fact work on different frequencies.

The rebate for the MX 610 is good from 1/28 to 2/10.


good AR deal
just note that Logitech takes a long time to send out the rebate
It took them 4 months to send me a $50 buck rebate on the laser mouse/keyboard combo