Logitech IM Video Companion help



Works fine on my sisters pc, but keeps sending blank im’s on mine. I can’t figure out why. Any suggestions. We are on a router. I am DMZ Host.


okay confused …I have logitech IM video companion …confused on what your saying … curious though … if you plug up direct without router does it work ? just wonder

also can you use yahoo messenger or msn and use there web cam abilities with no problem ???


OK giovanni42104, its very complicated and will force me to write a lot, something I initially wanted to avoid, but here goes. I have 4 PC’s in my house wired to a D-Link DI-604. My sister and I both use Logitech IM Video Companion. I never use anything else other than AIM. Since day one it always worked on my sisters PC and not mine. I am plugged in Port1 and her in port2, I am DMZ host. I tried to switch our web cams and to no avail. I did a format on both PC’s and still no go. Her PC went through 3 upgrades and 3 formats. Once somehow by fluke I got it to go by adding my real IP in advanced TCP/IP settings but it no longer works. I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. Yes, I have tried once before directly without the router and it worked, but I have not changed any settings since the one time it worked for us both, nor have I flashed to newer firmware. I am unsure of why it doesn’t work. Everything is the same on our PC’s as far as running services and everyhting in background. I even checked and compared registry. i’m just baffled now why it only works for her.


since you are dmz host …

what ports do u have open ? thinking maybe blocked port if you can plug it in directly and no problem …most of the time i have seen that happen


DMZ Host means you are completely open. Some people are afraid to even enable it because you are prone to intruders. My sisters PC is not even open and hers works. I did direct DHCP and set all IP’s manually, so there is nothing on auto.


well on some routers dmz host is all open … and some routers you can set what you want open i ma sorry should have made that clearer when i asked … .

only thing i can think of that will do anything remotely like that is internet sharing … .threw windows xp …or internet firewall … whether windows xp or another firewall …


I am sure you have done this but have you gotten newest firmware for your router ?

also if you use msn messenger or yahoo or even America on
line does it do same thing when you use it web cam functions ?

just looked at your router it is same as my friends

i still think heart of problems is in a port or a firewall issue ?

correct me if I am wrong dmz blocks from outside and you can change ports with it enable …cause it just acts as an access points and forwards everything on ?? memory is just hazzy

yeah i would check to see about windows xp firewall or even firewall in your router …I would use dhcp to assign it all and then take off dmz and assign ports to see what is going on … but hey that is just my two cents


I always make sure that WinXP firewall is turned off, and I never have firewall software or antivirus software running. I have even tried this after a recent fresh install of XP(nothing else on PC otherwise). I have not updated the router firmware because it worked once before and works on another PC, so I ruled out it being a firmware bug. Also I reviewed firmware updates, and they incl stupid things I don’t use like XBOX support and outside PC peripherals and game consoles. Also I never use AOL just AIM. DMZ on my router opens all incomming/outgoing connections to/from me (hence I am prone to an attack from someone who knows what they are doing). I think I will just give up.

Thx though… :smiley: