Login problems



Hi :slight_smile:
Login with IE tells me wrong username/password. I then get emails telling me someone is trying to use my account. Gives IP (not mine) which is different each time. However if I use FF or Mozilla using same username/password logon every time.
BTW loading a page is taking 40 sec or more. The last two posts have taken over 20 min (should’ve taken more like 2/3 min). All other sites load in under 1 sec, new pages 0.03 sec.


yes me too I been trying to get on since 6 a.m. pacific time and when I was able it said the same but I do use IE.


yep cant log in with firefox or opera


some really weird stuff is happening in firefox it says log in at the top but my username is in the active user list at the bottom :s


Cookie works for this part, but cannot login to backend, denies my password… (wanted to change “Bug reports” to “Bug reports Mainpage”…as people fail to see that that forum is for mainpage related issues and “Forum Talk” for forum related issues :wink: )


Perfect operation here on firefox [at least for the forums]! Great work!

Maybe you should change the forum description - because it’s “… General feedback or sugg”


We are receiving a large amount of emails of people who are not able to login to their account. This is currently a confirmed problem on which we are working. There is currently no estimate when this will be fixed and we are sorry for the inconvenience.


i also cant login.


I can confirm… I was trying to login from a PC which I’ve never user before, and I couldn’t do that. At the first (correct) attempt, the system said that my account was disabled for 15 minutes.

Now I’m using my laptop with the right cookie and I had no problems.



BTW, my post above was of course after Domi’s one and was not made 1 hour ago… but after posting it, it was in the wrong position and without edit capability.



I am currently login with cookies in IE. My FF cookies were cleaned so can’t login with it.

Backed up my club.cdfreaks cookies just incase! This is the first time I backup cookies!! :eek:


We cannot edit our post because right after we posted it’s shown as “1 hour ago”.

Edit: Except this one, I think the server time is fixed. :o


Yup, my post above (#5) was already ok. :slight_smile:


Seems to have been fixed as I have had login failure since the upgrade but now can login.


I continuely have to reset the password and sign in again. Sometimes even doin that it says wrong username or password, If I change my password it does the same as well. I would like to suggest to have a thread specificly for logon problems where a guest can post so you’ll know when there is a problem. I couldn’t do anything earlier since I was just a guest. Thanks in advance.


It’s also not showing images and new replies too. Plus a 40 + second just to get to the main page. Sometimes it says page cannot be displayed,Server is busy was the last when I posted above. I havn’t messed with the IE settings either.


The login problem should be fixed now as well. If the problems continue to exist then please report back. Before reporting make sure the settings on your side are correct and if possible delete the cdfreaks.com cookie and retry again.


Ok I’ll try it now thank you for responding.

Yes it’s working now. :iagree:


Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou…I can now log in with IE!

/me checks which cookies she clears in future!



I was having the same problem but thought it was just me. I could not login since yesterday and I just found this thread.

I will look here next time so I do not get a complex :bow: