Logical Block Address Out Of Range




i’m using the latest alcohol 120% v1.4.3.518 with an hp cd-writer cd12r on win98. i’m trying to burn an image that both windows explorer and alcohol lists as being roughly 701 megs (701.7 in alcohol) onto an 80min cd-rw.

since alcohol lists the size of my cd-rw media being 702.8 megs, i figured i had just enough space to burn the image, though i know that not all programs report the exact same size. however, since alcohol doesn’t tell me it’s too big for the media (which it does when it’s more obviously over 700 megs), i thought it was okay.

however, i’d say every 1 out of 3 times i try and do this i get a “logical block address out of range” error at the end of the image completion process, after which i’m told the burn “failed”, even though the cd is accessible and otherwise seems to be a good copy. the rest of the time though it gets to 100% and then just pauses for almost a minute, sometimes more, before telling me the burn was successful. and i’m assuming it is then.

i’m wondering why i only get this error only part of the time. i also wonder if it has to do with the image size being so close to the max, because i have tried burning the same 686 meg image countless times and have never gotten the out of range error nor the pausing problem. i’m hoping there is not a problem with my drive or something, i’m hoping it’s just that the media won’t burn so close to the max. could that be possible?

can anyone else confirm this? thanks for any advice.