Logging in

ok, two questions.

  1. How long does it take for the site to automatically log you out?

  2. Do we now have to log in to read the forums? Lots of times i don’t log in and just surf the forums, if i need to reply i log in, but lately its been coming up witht eh log in screens whenever i click a thread.

So, maybe its just my computer thats messing up, i don’t know.

Yesterday, the site had a big amount of visitors, even a new record :slight_smile: Problem is that this causes high serverload and therefor the admins made it so that only regged users could browse the forum to make sure that the forum wouldn’t crash.

i see, and what of automatic log out times?

Originally posted by kwkard
i see, and what of automatic log out times?

After 10 minutes of inactivity all posts are considered read.

The logout depends on your personal cookie settings, if you have surfing with cookies enabled in your profile.

It every now and then happens that I have to login, there is no telling when though…

Timeout for Cookie
This is the time in seconds that a user must remain inactive before the unread posts are reset to read.

900 seconds

That is the only cookie setting of this forum.

Other settings related to cookies can be found in your profile:

Automatically login when you return to the site? (uses cookies)

Browse board with cookies?
Clicking yes will use cookies to keep your id for this session. Clicking no will send it through the links. (Selecting no may cause problems when sharing links with people behind the same proxy as you)

If you logout or have to login every time after you have restarted your computer (or your browser), you should check the settings on your PC (Windows settings or that of firewall etc)

ok, i checked it to automatically log on each time so it shouldn’t be a problem now. Thanks