Logging CD/DVD burning with Nero

I am trying to log all the CD/DVD burned by Nero, but I can’t find an easy way,

Currently I have written some batch files that runs with nero in the background and when nero closes, it looks for NeroHistory.log file and if exists , rename it to the current date and time, and then put it into an archive and then remove it, so the next Nero history will be a new one.
(and later I have to check them one by one to see the Successful or Unseuccessful burning processes)

I don’t seem to find any programs that can analyze this log file manually or automatically,
or any extra commands for Nero.exe that would let me export burned CD and DVD information into another file.
or someway to customize the messages.

Any help is really appreciated,
Thanx in advance

Did you get this to work?
I am looking for the same solution.
I would appreciate your help.