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When I log In, I have the tick in ‘Rember Me’ but it never does. Does this happen to everyone else or am I alone with this.



In explorer go to tools \internet options\content\autocomplete and put a tick in usernames and passwords…

Umm NO! he has to allow cookies from this site

In Internet options / privacy / advanced,
I have override automatic cookies handling enabled
First-party cookies accept
Third-party cookies accept
Always allow session cookies.

I don’t have auto complete on, as other forums i visit ‘remember me’ when i visit their site without having to log on.

Any other ideas.

do you have some other software that can block cookies like zone alarm?
Auto complete just automatically puts your name and password into fields i suggest keeping that off for security reasons

Yes, i’ve got zone alarm
cookie control is disabled
I’ve added URL of cdfreaks in site list of z/a to see if that helps