Log in requirement

Why do I have to log into this forum everytime I come here?
Yes, I have it set for cookies and yes I have cookies enabled.
Out of approx 20 forums I visit everyday this is the only one that does this.
In fact it is that bad that after logging in and wishing to post this message I had to login again before being able to post!!

Same prob overhere! :frowning:
It has something to do with your settings, because I don’t have to login @ my work when I want to post here!

hmm sounds like there is a problem somewhere. If I delete the cookies I have to login and stuff

Originally posted by cloakdoa
hmm sounds like there is a problem somewhere. If I delete the cookies I have to login and stuff

Hmm… isn’t that normal?

your not suppose to delete the cookies.

Originally posted by UpTowN
your not suppose to delete the cookies.

I don’t?
oh no, I am supposed to eat the cookies…chocolate cip cookies… yummie :smiley:

It seems that several people have this problem. This can be caused by various settings in Internet Zone or Firewall. If you don’t allow your browser to accept cookies, you have to login every time you visit or post a message here. (also the expirement of cookies may differ)

Entering this forum through various links might be a cause as well:
These three links will leave different cookies.

Check your personal settings in your profile as well.
Other than that I cannot think of a reason, it is causing no problems here.

actually cookies dont taste that bad, but I am a slave for FUDGE BROWNIES & rocky road Ice cream…Just had a bowl of it my self

Well I guess this forum is really unique.
Spent the afternoon doing a nice new fresh install of my Win2000 and logged back into this forum first thing after getting onto the net.
Spent the last hour or so re-logging in to the other forums I visit and when I get back to this one - guess what?
Have to log in again!
So what is wrong here? The forum software cannot be sending valid cookies else this would not happen.

I have these same problems (both in Explorer and in Netscape) when logging on to the forum at but when I log on at forum.cdfreaks.com everything seems to be alright (for now, anyways!)

Hmm… I come here through, @ work I come through forum.cdfreaks.com.
And @ work everything is ok… gonna change my link @ home now to try it out…

What I found out:

I just restarted my browser, even restarted my Inet connection (ISDN), and when using the forum.cdfreaks.com link the forum tell’s me “Welcome Back Wookie”!!!
It works for me then! MayB the cookies from that other link taste bad overhere so they my sys doesn’t want them! :wink:

could it be that we had some cookies go stale or get spoiled. I know that this eventually be a pain to certain forum users.

Some ppl might have there cookies to disappear after a certain time.

But every time I clear my system of the cookies I get that msg. But If I leave them in there it says the welcome message.

Does it have anything to with history