Log file of blindwrite 4.5.7?

i`m new with blindwrite
can anyone tell me how to make a log file when burning something?

at the end of the burn phase in Blindwrite there is option to save log as a .txt file…and that is all you have to do

I am also new to blindwrite and I am using 4.5.7 to burn a game… and I am told to choose yes when asked to add the bwa file… but unfortunately I never get that message, I went to the config to disable the autoplay, then I checkmarked only the DAO Pq in the advanced tab, then hit next, got the bwt file, hit next, goes to cd verification, hit next, then I get the write cd selection where I can Go or choose auto. what am I doing wrong? I downloaded the full setup for blindwrite 4.5.7 and placed my serial number in… can anyone help me so i can get this thing to burn with the bwa file associated with it?
thank you