Lockup with sata II

anyone ever hear of a lockup or hangup problem with Vista and second sata hard drive?

What controller is your mother board using? I mean for the SATA. Give a few pc specs.

wish I was smart enough to answer your question. Using Intel dg-965OT motherboard with dual core 2 1.86 processor. 4 mb of ram. I was hoping it may be a common problem which has a common answer

When exactly does it lockup or hang as you said. Did you just add a second drive and that’s when the problem began? Does it happen at boot up or when you’re running some program? I’m guessing both drives show up in My Computer.
One suggestion. If this is a brand name computer, HP or Dell or Gateway, etc. Go to their website and see if there are any firmware (bios) updates or driver updates available.

thanks whappo, unfortunately the lockups are very random. It has done it now with 3 different sata hard drives. I have done a good amount of hardware troubleshooting. It only locks up when the/a second hard drive is attached, trying to restart is a pain and takes several attempts, but if I unhook the second hard drive it starts right up. I’m thinking (hoping) this is some kind of common problem and there might be a fix for it.

Sorry I can’t be of more help and since no one else has jumped on this thread with the same problem, I’m guessing that it is not common. It could be several things, an irq conflict, a weak power supply, I don’t know. If you have the latest bios and chipset drivers installed then maybe you should contact customer support and report the problem. Make sure everything in the bios is set correctly. Are you trying to raid the drives?